What if I Told You Your Income Could Increase After You Retire?

For many it’s a given that income will decrease after they retire.. But what if it didn’t have to?

What if it as much as doubled?!

If you’ve been feeling concerned as you look for ways to increase your income during retirement, you are not alone. I know exactly what it feels like.

Maybe you are unsure about the best way to plan for your retirement income to be sure that your nest egg will last throughout retirement, or how an insurance company can help protect your assets.

You may have considered annuities…


You can’t help but to be cautious when there’s a lot of information to digest about all the different benefits available. It can be confusing. But let me ask you something – do you love your career? Or the one you had?

Maybe you didn’t, but you probably know someone who did love their career, right?

See, here at Senior Annuity Alert… we love our careers, and we love what we do, which is helping people. Seniors. Retirees. Pre-retirees. Baby Boomers.

So it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination that we care about HELPING YOU.

Think of us more as advocates. An Advocate for you and your retirement lifestyle.

Advocates who care about seeing the money you worked so hard for be put to good use for you.

It’s our job to help make sure you’re well-informed about annuities that can help provide guaran-teed* increasing** income in your retirement, before you decide if one might work for your situation.

And we make it our #1 focus to dispel myths about annuities and give you facts to help you make the most informed decision possible regarding your own retirement nest egg.

That’s why we have put together a special report called…

Taking a Close, Hard Look at Annuities: Is an Annuity Right For You?

In this report, you’ll discover:

– Extensive Annuity Research and a Look at the Unparalleled Benefits

– How Annuities Offer Guaranteed* Income for Life**

– Guaranteed* Money for Your Heirs and Loved Ones***

– Double Income to Pay after Qualifying Health Events**

– Increasing Income**

– And more

This special report is a great place to start to get the answers you’re looking for about pros and cons of utilizing annuities within your retirement income strategy.

If that’s not enough… you can also get on the phone with one of our licensed insurance professionals to get answers to any other questions you might have.

Free! No cost. No obligation.

And once you’re informed about how annuities really work – and how you might use them for your own retirement income planning, you won’t have to ask someone else’s opinion.

You’ll see for yourself what’s possible. So don’t wait another day.

I have a copy for you…Jeff@ RetirementAnswersForYou.com