• I bring an honest, wealth-focused investment approach to all leadership and guidance for clients at all stages of their career.
  • I provide value-added retirement advice and pathways toward protected wealth accrual that mitigate attrition from taxes, high agent fees, and other factors that can contribute toward a significant diminution of one’s valued life savings.
  • I launched Retirement Answers For You, which provides clients an objective focus that seeks to steadily improve their portfolio position by providing the best products that work together toward the overall safety and protection of accumulated wealth.
  • I aim to relieve clients’ anxiety about retirement savings and ensure they have enough funds for their retirement by strategically using risk aversion to ensure the security and safety of clients’ assets.
  • My clients have a 100% guarantee that their retirement funds will not run out using my Lifetime Income Program, which is designed to protect and secure assets.
  • I am a diligent, sharp and dedicated professional who constantly strives for the best solutions for his clients.

Sometimes a strategy may involve a fixed income annuity for a number of years, and then an immediate annuity. Every client has their own unique circumstances. We specialize in Next Gen annuities!