How long have you been saving your money for retirement?

How long have you been saving your money for retirement?  20 years?  30 years?  Longer?

The markets are at their highest.

Perhaps the most well known and intuitive adage is to “buy low, sell high!”

Today, this saying seems to suggest it would be wise to sell the S&P equities as they sit at, or near, record levels.

In all the world of investing and savings, common sense says, “Protect what you have.”

This is money that you are saving for retirement….right?

I have a few questions that are designed to help you start thinking about wise retirement strategies.

What should you do with your money while the market is high?

Here are 8 questions you should ask yourself to help you determine the wisest course of action in preparing for your retirement: 

Question #1:  What do you want your life to look like in retirement?  Do you want to travel, open a business you’ve always dreamed about, or spend time golfing?  What do you want?

Question #2:  When do you want to retire?  We don’t always get to retire when we want, but if you have an idea of your goal, the right retirement strategies can greatly increase your chances of being able to do what you choose to do when you choose to do it.

Question #3:  What is the state of your health?  Do you expect to live a long time?  If you do, you will need to prepare for the high cost of health care.

Question #4:  How is your current planning stacking up?  Once you’ve mapped out how you want to spend your retirement years as well as how long you expect to live, don’t forget to account for inflation, market instability, medical costs, and taxes.

Question #5:  After comparing the trajectory of your current path and the path you’d like to be on, are there gaps that a customized annuity strategy could fill in for you?  Why an annuity?  First, your principle is safe from loss.  Second, principle growth is secured in uncapped indexes managed by financial firms.  And third, an annuity with guaranteed income for life can help fill in the gaps.

Question #6:  Can the annuity grow over time?  I’m offering annuities that can, with uncapped growth.

Question #7:  Are there penalties associated with taking extra money from your annuities?  If you have an annuity, what are your penalties for withdrawal?

Question #8:  Are fees eating into your income?

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