• Control of your money (ability to withdraw from your principal)
• NO RISK to principal (your assets are not tied to the volatility of the stock market)
• Guaranteed,* potentially increasing income** for life
• Guaranteed money for your heirs and loved ones**
• Guaranteed money to pay for nursing care**
• A fighting chance against inflation


These are the benefits you want. These are the benefits I recommend. Some of the items listed are part of every plan. Various riders** make some other options available for you to choose depending on what you want your money to do for you. Our goal is to maximize your return for the things that you feel are important.

I know that the circumstances of life can change. Our retirement income planners are specifically trained and knowledgeable about how to work with clients over the long term, to see that their strategies continue to provide the income and growth they need throughout their lives. If your life changes, I am available to help you negotiate that new territory.

Whatever the case, I work to tailor each retirement income plan to the individual client. I look forward to working with you to help you reach your retirement goals.

* Annuities are contracts between you and an insurance company. Annuity product guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer. However, to provide more safeguards and protection, The Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund was created by the Wisconsin legislature to protect state residents who are policyholders and beneficiaries of policies issued by an insolvent insurance company. In Wisconsin the limit for annuities is $300,000 per contract owner. Please see the second article, How Safe are Annuities? Annuities vary from fixed index annuities, equity index annuities, the income annuity, the immediate annuity. Annuities will also differ as to annuity rates. We specialize in Next Gen annuities.

**Annuity riders may be available for an additional annual premium that may provide additional benefits and income guarantees.

The Retirement Dilemma is real!

Based on the 2012 Generation Motility Table, we are living longer.  That’s good news, of course!  But living longer provides some real retirement challenges.  Consider these statistics:

If you are age 65,

  • There is a 50% probability of living to age 90 for men
  • There is a 57% probability of living to age 90 for women
  • There is a 27% probability of living to age 95 for men
  • There is a 37% probability of living to age 95 for women
  • If you are married at 65 years of age, the probability of living to age 90 is 79%
  • If you are married at 65 years of age, the probability of living to age 95 is 52%
  • If you are married at 65 years of age, the probability of living to the age of 100 is 22%

Clearly, on average, we are living longer than our parents or grandparents.  The largest growth rate is in the population living to be 100!  In just 39 years, there will be 4 million people living to the age of 100; this is the population of Los Angeles.

According to a recent survey conducted by LIMRA (Life Insurance and Market Research Association), the NUMBER ONE FEAR of people in retirement is LOSING FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.  Over 90% of people said that they feared running out of money.  The NUMBER TWO FEAR is having an INCOME STREAM DRY UP.  This was again the concern of over 90% of the people surveyed.  Everyone wants income that is going to continue to pay out no matter what the economy does.  Everyone wants to be sure of a consistent, steady, guaranteed income that is secure.  Everyone wants income that will never be reduced; income that we know is going to remain stable and sure.

The NEED is for a PLANNED STRATEGY FOR RETIREMENT that is better than the 401k/IRA/403B/pension world.  The need is for something better than a large and impersonal financial call-in center that doesn’t know the caller or the caller’s specific needs.  In another recent survey conducted by a  Fortune 100 company , it was found that over 83% of people fear another financial crisis.  According to this survey, 62% feared investing in the stock market.  Because of significant losses in 2008 and in 2002/2003, many people are concerned with the high markets of today. Market volatility is the obvious cause for concern.

People who are not invested in the market have missed out on six good years of growth.  People are saving instead of investing, with $11 trillion of surplus cash not invested in the markets.  In the same survey of over 60 million households, most people stated that they would put most of their investment in guaranteed lifetime income.  I work with over 100 insurance companies. These companies offer several hundred safe money products that protect the principle you have worked a lifetime to save.  For instance, one of the products available was up over 5% in 2008 when the S&P was down 38%.





You need a strategy that will insure that you won’t run out of money for as long as you live.

The Retirement Dilemma is real:

SAVINGS FOR RETIREMENT should not be invested in high-risk assets like stocks, mutual funds and Variable Annuities.  There is a time for investing in high-risk markets and there is a time for PROTECTING your money for a safe and dependable future.  Savings for retirement is money that needs to be protected from risk of loss, ensuring that you will NOT LOSE FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE or experience an INCOME STREAM DRY-UP no matter how long you live.

The fixed index annuities we provide can include a rider that now makes the equity index annuity into income annuity. It can perform as an immediate annuity and have the equity index to help fight against inflation. So you now have a chance to grow your income and not see it dry up, like in regular offerings of the financial world. The Next Gen annuity offers exceptional value!