About Me

personWelcome to Retirement Answers for You. This website has been designed to help you get retirement answers that you need in order to move into your retirement years with confident peace of mind, knowing you are prepared for whatever comes.

Here’s what you need to know about me: I’m from Wisconsin and am a graduate of UW-Madison. I’ve been married for 35 years and have two grown children. I currently live in New Berlin with my wife, Jeri, and we’ve always been active in our local community. My financial background is extensive, having worked for large and successful investment firms and life insurance companies for many years.

I have two major concerns: First, I strongly believe that many investment portfolios often miss crucial wealth protection And second, many portfolios miss planning for guaranteed income for life.

Without proper planning, you have no guarantee that you will enjoy a monthly income for life. And without proper planning, your accumulated wealth can become a perfect tax target upon your death.

It’s very important for every client to understand that Investments and Life Insurance are in two completely different spectrums of the financial world. With only investment knowledge, portfolios can be focused primarily on accumulation of wealth and enjoyment of that wealth. My main focus is to improve your portfolio position by providing the best products that will all work together for the safety and protection of accumulated wealth. This allows accumulated wealth to be passed on to heirs in a tax efficient way and gives you guaranteed income for life.

The income annuity and the immediate annuity both guarantee this lifetime income. The fixed index annuities and the equity index annuities often have a rider that can provide guaranteed income for one lifetimes or joint lifetimes. We specialize in Next Gen annuities!

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