Anticipated vs. Actual Retirement Outcome: Don’t get this one wrong!

10,000 Americans turn 65 each day. In a recent survey*, the finding is this: most people are not prepared for the needs of the many potential years they will spend in retirement. In a nonprofit think tank survey, 64% of Americans are not saving enough for retirement and only 22% believe they have enough money saved for their retirement.
So, the question is this: Do you know how long your retirement will be? Are you preparing for your and/or your spouse’s retirement needs for the 20, 30, 40 years up ahead? Did you know that people, age 100 and over, are the fastest growing age group in America? In just 35 years, that population will equal the population of Los Angeles today (4 million!). How are you planning to ensure joint lifetime income?  How can you know for sure what the guaranteed actual outcome for you and your spouse will be, no matter how long your retirement is? If the planning you are doing now is based on anticipated outcome and/or is non-guaranteed, there may be a big difference between what you anticipated and what your reality becomes.  THIS IS ONE AREA YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO GET WRONG.
Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, a Boston University Economics professor and author of Get What’s Yours, a New York Times best seller, has ideas to improve your income in retirement. In your many years of retirement, you need income you can count on; income that is uninterrupted, secure, and has the potential to rise along with inflation.  For more information and a stable retirement future, contact me at:
* survey by Employee Benefits Research Institute